If you start to feel bored with the jewelry you buy, then you can try making your own stylish handcrafted jewelry as you wish. Jewelry is certainly an important thing for women. Because jewelry or accessories can complement a woman’s appearance to look more perfect.

So by using this jewelry, someone can look more beautiful. In addition, jewelry is certainly also able to provide and increase confidence to perform. Therefore, for women, using jewelry is very important, especially when traveling or attending an event.

Usually, we can get various types of beautiful jewelry by buying them. But actually, we can try to make our own jewelry with various materials that we can easily find. For example, by utilizing beads of various shapes, used ropes, patchwork, ribbons, and other materials.

Easy and Beautiful Stylish Handcrafted Jewelry Ideas

Ideas for Stylish Handcrafted Jewelry

Making your own jewelry certainly provides satisfaction and benefits. For example, we can make jewelry like anything according to our wishes. Moreover, we can even sell it for income. Jewelry models that you can make are also diverse, here are some ideas:

Pearl Hairpin

To make beautiful hair jewelry you can make pearl hairpins. To make this stylish handcrafted jewelry you only need to prepare a hairpin, some pearl-shaped beads, and also glue. Attach the beads to the end of the hairpin using glue. After that, you can use pearl hairpins immediately.

Necklace of Ribbon and Chain

Next, you can make a necklace from chains and also ribbons. For the material you only need to prepare a necklace, chain, and ribbon with the color as desired. How to make it, first insert the ribbon into the hole of the chain necklace from end to end again. After that, tie the rest of the ribbon with a dead knot and the ribbon chain necklace is ready.

Beaded Bracelet

Stylish handcrafted jewelry that you can make next is a beaded bracelet. The material is to only use a rope for the bracelet and also small beads and a bracelet pendulum as desired. How to make it is enough to insert beads on the rope bracelet and put a pendulum in the middle. A simple and beautiful rope bracelet is ready.

Beaded Necklace with Diamond Imitation Pendulum

You can also make a beaded necklace with a gorgeous diamond imitation pendulum. You just need to prepare a rope for necklaces, beads, and a diamond imitation pendulum. Then insert the beads as well as the diamond pendulum right in the middle of the necklace. Before joining the two ropes, tie the ends of the necklace ropes so that the beads do not come off.

Those are some stylish handcrafted jewelry ideas that you can make. The jewelry is certainly beautiful and worth selling.