Affordable luxury watches can be the right choice to make the look more elegant. Today there are a variety of watches that are affordable but, have a luxurious look. The presence of various watches will certainly meet the fashion needs of everyone. Not only serves as a timepiece, but the watch can also support a more attractive appearance.

Affordable Luxury Watches, the Right Choice to Look Elegant

Recommended Affordable Luxury Watches for Men and Women

Currently, various fashion products can support a more elegant appearance. One of these products is present in watches. Watches come in a variety of varied models. These various models certainly come with unique and attractive designs.

To get a watch with an attractive and luxurious look does not have to spend a lot of money. You can still get a luxurious watch at an affordable price. Here are some recommendations for cheap watches with luxurious looks that you can have:

Swiss Army SA005

The first watch with an elegant design comes from Swiss Army SA005. Swiss Army SA005 can make men look more elegant and trendy. This watch has a leather strap, while the body is made of stainless steel.

The combination of these materials can certainly make the watch look more elegant and luxurious. On this watch, users can also see the day and date in addition to the time. You can get Swiss Army SA005 at affordable prices starting from Rp200,000.

Michael Kors

Affordable luxury watches that can be your next choice are present from Michael Kors. Michael Kors is known as a world-class luxury watchmaker with a large following. There are various variants of women’s watch products from Michael Kors that are of the best quality.

Watches from Michael Kors are famous for their elegant and luxurious designs that can support the appearance of their users. Various elegant and luxurious designs also have varying prices starting from only Rp 1 million. No need to worry about the quality of the tap clock has already proven to be the best.


Casio can also be the choice of women to support fashion to be more elegant. Watches from Casio come in various variants with classic and unique designs. This watch product incorrectly uses quality materials such as mineral glass which makes the appearance shiny and scratch resistant. Casio watches always come with waterproof features and batteries with long life.

The quality of women’s watches from Casio is no longer in doubt. Although the best quality watches and luxurious looks you can get them at affordable prices. You can get Casio watches starting from only Rp300 thousand.

Those are some recommendations for affordable luxury watches that you can have. A variety of watches can make you look more elegant and luxurious. Appearing with a luxurious watch does not always cost a fortune.