– Build Style with Simple often seen as complicated and requires a lot of effort. Many people believe that to look fashionable, you need to have a large collection of clothes and a variety of flashy accessories. However, actually, you can still look fashionable and classy with simple clothes. The main key is to understand how to combine clothes correctly and choose items that suit your style.

Build Style with Simple

Starting with quality basics is an important first step. Choose basic clothing like a nice white shirt, comfortable chinos, or an elegant black dress. These clothes can be the foundation of a variety of different outfits, and they also tend to be more long-lasting than trendy clothes that may only be popular for a short time.

Once you have a solid basic outfit, the next step is to pay attention to details and accessories. Additions such as simple yet elegant jewelry, a classic watch, or quality shoes can elevate your simple look into something more interesting and classy. Remember that curation is key, so make sure not to overcrowd your outfit with too many accessories. By paying attention to details and carefully combining items, you can build an elegant and classy style even with simple clothes.

1. Learn Your Personal Style

The first step in building style with simple clothing is understanding your own personal style. Do you prefer casual, formal, or a mix of both? Do you prefer bright colors or neutral colors? By recognizing your personal style, it will be easier for you to choose clothes that suit your taste and personality.

2. Invest in Quality Clothing

Even if you want simple clothes, don’t neglect quality. Quality clothing not only looks better, but also lasts longer. Invest in some quality clothing items such as blazers, shirts, trousers or skirts that you can wear on various occasions.

3. Choose neutral colors that are easy to match

Neutral colors such as black, white, gray and beige are safe choices and easy to match with various other colors. By having several neutral colored clothes, you can easily create a variety of different style combinations to suit your mood or the event you are attending.

4. Pay close attention to the shape and way the clothes are sewn.

Even though it is simple, good cutting and sewing of clothes can make your appearance look more classy. Choose clothes with cuts that fit and suit your body shape. Neat and smooth stitching will also give your clothes a more luxurious impression.

5. Add Interesting Accents

Even if your outfit is simple, you can give it an interesting touch by adding accents such as a belt, necklace, earrings, or watch. Choose simple but good quality accents to give a classy impression to your appearance.

6. Pay attention to the shoes and bags you use

Shoes and bags are important elements in building a classy style. Choose shoes and bags that are good quality and match your clothing style. For example, if you wear casual clothes, choose comfortable sneakers or flat shoes. Meanwhile, if you wear formal clothes, choose elegant loafers or high heels.

7. Don’t forget to maintain cleanliness and tidiness

Regardless of how simple or classy the clothes you wear, cleanliness and neatness are the keys to looking stylish. Make sure your clothes are always clean, neat and not wrinkled. If necessary, iron your clothes before wearing them to make them look neater and classier.

8. Be Confident in Your Style

In the end, the main secret to looking stylish in simple clothes is self-confidence. If you feel confident in your own style, then the clothes you wear, even if they are simple, will look more classy and attractive. Don’t hesitate to try new styles and express yourself through the clothes you wear.

9. Inspired by fashionista figures

If you are still confused about building a style with simple clothes, you can look for inspiration from fashionista figures who are famous for their simple but classy style. Some examples that you can imitate are the styles of Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, or Victoria Beckham, who are known for their simple but elegant clothes.

10. Adapt to Events and Situations

Lastly, it is important to always adapt your clothing to the event and situation you are attending. For example, if you are attending a formal event such as a party or wedding, choose more formal and classy clothing such as a dress or suit. Meanwhile, if you are just going to the office or shopping, casual clothes such as jeans and shirts could be the right choice.


That’s the complete guide to Build Style with SimpleĀ  with clothes that are simple but still classy. Remember that the main key is to choose quality clothes with the right cut, combine colors and accents correctly, and always maintain cleanliness and neatness. By following the tips above, you will definitely look stylish and confident even if you wear simple clothes.

Don’t forget to always adapt your style to your personality and personal taste. Explore and find the clothing combination that suits you best. That way, you will feel comfortable and confident in showing your best style at every opportunity. So that’s a simple way to Build Style Simply